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New stadium for Cleveland Browns fans

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Calling all Cleveland Browns fans: We have a new and improved stadium. In a tour of the stadium earlier this June, President Alec Scheiner showed members of the media the new bleacher digs at the FirstEnergy Stadium.

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I am sure I speak for my fellow fans when I say this development is a long time coming. True, there was no better feeling than cheering there for our team. But if I were to be honest, the technology of the stadium reminded me a little of an arena: the same medieval atmosphere, the chaotic noise, the rush of the kill. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was awesome seeing the Browns draw blood, but I felt that my experience (and I am sure, yours as well) could have been more rip-roaring if the stadium was a bit more modern. There was something missing.

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Well, I guess they heard us. The improvements were said to be part of a two-phase, $120-million project by Scheiner and Browns representatives. We now possess one of the largest screens in the league, nearly thrice the size of the old ones. And these babies didn't rise up from their old locations either. The bosses decided to build new platforms to house them – all the better for us fans to watch and cheer.

It’s said that the stadium will house less people to accommodate the new features, but I think this is worth it. After all, the improvements will definitely enhance the ultimate experience of the game. The second phase of construction will begin once this season is over. The focus of that phase will be lighting and modernization. Hey, I hear they’re even adding escalators at both end zones too.

I can’t tell you how pumped up I am to watch the opening game against the St. Louis Rams in this new awesome stadium!

Jon Bunge is a huge Cleveland Browns fan. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Browns. Follow him on Twitter if you're a fellow Browns or football fan.
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